Odd Angry Birds Merchandising: Angry Birds-Themed Soda, Jewelry, Debit Cards & More

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A completely necessary Angry Birds USB drive.

Sure, Angry Birds is popular. More than 1 billion Angry Birds games have been downloaded around the world. But somewhere between the arrival of Angry Birds toys and T-shirts and Angry Birds’ debit cards, the craze over the silly, addictive time killer has gotten, well, crazy.

It seems as if Rovio, the entertainment company responsible for Angry Birds, rarely runs into a licensing opportunity it turns down. Last year, the company earned $106.3 million in total revenue, and 30% of that came from merchandising and licensing deals. There is no shortage of Angry Birds novelties out there, including the usual suspects such as T-shirts, costumes, plush toys, key chains, magnets, and infant onesies.

Other Angry Birds items are rather unusual—which may be appropriate considering the idea of vengeful, agitated birds launching themselves one-by-one via slingshot into groups of surly, bivouacked pigs is also unusual. On the other hand, who would pay nearly $300 for a sterling silver Angry Birds ring?

Here’s a list of some of the latest, most curious Angry Birds pairings, roughly in order of escalating absurdity:

Angry Birds Slingshot Pens
Though the reviews at Amazon are less than stellar (shoddy quality, possible choking hazards), the idea of a pen that doubles as an Angry Birds slingshot is sorta brilliant. But hey kids, bring something like this to class and you’re just asking for it to immediately be confiscated. Probably not a good idea to be playing with one of these during important meetings at the office either.

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Angry Birds Candy
A Squidoo post lists no fewer than 10 different candies, candy wrappers, edible stickers, and assorted DIY Angry Bird-themed foods. Here’s a photo gallery of three dozen other Angry Birds foods for the DIY-minded.

Angry Birds Cartoon
An animated “Angry Birds” series was to be expected. They’ve been making video games into cartoons (and vice versa) at least since the Pac-Man craze of the early ’80s, when there was a TV show created based on the video game. Disney is even banking on nostalgia to provide a boost to a new 3-D Pac-Man show debuting in 2013. Rovio recently confirmed that 52 animated shorts will be released “on all possible platforms.” A film version of the game is expected in 2015.

Angry Birds Beverages
Nothing like the refreshing taste of bird juice! The Korean food manufacturer Erom makes an Angry Birds children’s drink with “fruit juice, xylitol, and vitamins,” while an Angry Birds soda is available in Finland. A bar in Singapore, meanwhile, has an Angry Bird cocktail on the menu, combining Chivas Regal, peach liqueur, lemon and apple juice. Ah, you can just taste the anger.

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Angry Birds Theme Park
No one has decided to build an entire theme park around the silly but addictive game—at least not yet. But, as the Associated Press and others have reported, Angry Birds Land is opening this summer in Tampere, Finland. The development, found in Finland’s popular Sarkanniemi Amusement Park, comes with Angry Birds rides, a game called “Pig Popper,” and more:

The center-piece of the development is a sprawling adventure trail for children — combining climbing frames, slides, rope ladders, tunnels and a climbing wall. A soundtrack with character noises and music from the games is played around the area.

Angry Birds Jewelry
A Finland-based jewelry manufacturer now offers the “Mighty Eagle,” a limited-edition, premium sterling silver ring with an artful, understated Angry Birds eye design. Enthusiasts are encouraged to “AIM HIGH AND GET READY TO RUFFLE SOME FEATHERS!” and “SLINGSHOT YOUR WAY TO THE TOP OF THE FLOCK” by wearing the ring. Price? A cool $290. According to Forbes, Angry Birds-themed pendants, brooches, charm bracelets, and other jewelry collectibles are also in the works.

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Angry Birds Debit Card
So-called “Angry Cards”—MasterCard debit cards with Angry Birds logos and graphics—will be available in early June from a bank based in Moscow. Cardholders get a 10% discount on purchases of (yep) Angry Birds products.

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