Is Your Marketing Messaging Meaningless?

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How many times have you visited a website hoping to find just what you were looking for only to run into a meaningless collection of buzzwords? Avoiding that kind of muddled messaging is important to your startup’s success.

Here are some tips from author Cynthia Montgomery (“The Strategist: Be the Leader Your Business Needs”) to help you sharpen your marketing and other customer communications:

  • Explain why your products are different or better, why they matter, and how you’re able to achieve this.
  • Make sure your customers know you’re dedicated to them and appreciate them.
  • Avoid meaningless buzzwords like “best of breed” and “paradigm shift.”
  • Back up your message with metrics and passion – but keep it concise. Can you summarize your company’s value in an elevator pitch?

Adapted from Is Your Company’s Messaging Meaningless? at Baseline Magazine.