Tips for Effective Website Landing Pages

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No matter what business you’re in, if you’re serious about entrepreneurial success, you need to have a website. And that website must have compelling landing pages, which are Web pages designed to promote or sell a product or a service, or to provide a navigational path to products or services. A landing page’s goal is usually to convert visitors into sales leads or customers, so it’s important to get them right.

Tim Ash, co-founder, president and CEO of SiteTuners, offers tips on creating persuasive landing pages.

A Clear Call to Action: A successful landing page is hyper-focused, and its call to action is compelling and unmistakable.

Provide Relevant Content: If the landing page content doesn’t deliver on the promise of an ad or other content that brought the visitor to the page, that visitor will leave quickly.

Ban Rotating Banner Ads: Rotating ads give visitors multiple messages and cause confusion. Stick with one image that’s clear and compelling — and that supports the call to action.

Keep Your Message Clear and Simple: Keep text to a minimum and make it easy to read, and include testimonials from happy customers too. Concise, compelling messages will be most effective.

Adapted from Top 10 Small Business Tips for Effective Landing Pages at Small Business Computing.