How to Become a Prosperous Entrepreneur

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If your idea for a startup meets four key conditions, you might have the makings for sustainable success, according to Randy Garns of Prosper Inc., co-author of the book Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want.

Garns says entrepreneurs should ask themselves four questions about their idea for a new business:

  • Would they be doing something they love?
  • Is the idea ethical?
  • Is it environmentally responsible?
  • Does it bring lasting value to others?

If the answer to all four is “yes,” you may be onto something. The alternative, says Garns, is what he calls the “boom/crash syndrome,” where business ideas flame out quickly.

“It has to be responsible, sustainable growth,” he said. “It’s really not all about the money.”

Adapted from the video How to Be a Prosperous Entrepreneur at Small Business Computing.