How to Keep Business Projects on Track

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We’ve all been there. Business projects that start out full of excitement and promise lose focus and energy until it seems like they’re a long way from that goal that once seemed so promising.

So how do you keep your projects on track? Here are a few tips from Ken Pedersen, COO at custom software developer Geneca.

  • The project sponsor must set out clear business outcomes for the project.
  • Members of the team must be able to articulate a vision of project success in non-technical language.
  • If you ask three project members to define the project’s success criteria, do you get the same answer?
  • Do business users understand what they are getting in a way that gives them insight into the progress?
  • Has the business sponsor worked with the project team to discuss and address obstacles to achieving the project’s purpose?

Adapted from Common Vision is the Best Kind of Alignment at CIO Update.