Best Buy Board Probing Dunn Over Conduct with Female Staffer: Report

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Ronda Churchill / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn resigned amid an investigation into his "personal conduct," the company said on Tuesday.

More details have emerged in the strange case of Brian Dunn’s resignation as CEO of Best Buy. The company’s board is investigating allegations that Dunn “used company resources to carry out an inappropriate relationship with a female employee,” according to Best Buy’s hometown paper, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The paper also reported that the board plans to make its findings public and take “appropriate action…if warranted.”

The news adds a whiff of scandal to what was already a mysterious case, following Dunn’s abrupt resignation Tuesday. After initially announcing that Dunn and the company “mutually agreed” that new leadership was needed “to address the challenges that face the company,” Best Buy later said he resigned amid a probe into his “personal conduct.”

The Star-Trib:

According to a source close to Best Buy, the company is investigating multiple complaints that Dunn behaved inappropriately with a female subordinate. Dunn, a Best Buy veteran who started with the company in 1985 as a salesman, has not responded to phone calls and other efforts to reach him for comment.

“People close to Best Buy were concerned that Dunn’s behavior was threatening the company,” Bloomberg reported mid-day Thursday.

The company is keeping a tight lid on the story. “As we have said, the investigation is ongoing. We have no additional comment at this time,” said Greg Hitt of Hill + Knowlton Strategies, who is acting as a spokesman for Best Buy, according to the paper.

The Star-Trib also excerpted an internal memo sent to employees from interim CEO Mike Mikan: “I know the news of Brian’s departure was a surprise … [and] likely raised additional questions for many of you. I’m very aware that was difficult to read and experience.”

Dunn, a prolific Twitter user, has transferred his account from @bbyceo to @briandunn, where his bio reads, in part, “Father of 3 and Husband.” He has not responded to requests for comment.


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