Canada to Introduce Glow-in-the-Dark Quarter

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Want to see his bones?

When Canada introduced polymer bills last year to replace their paper ones, we thought – cool! Then just a few weeks ago, the Canadian government announced it was doing away with pennies as a cost-cutting measure, and we thought – seems drastic, but ok! Now they’ve announced that a new quarter to be released next week will glow in the dark. Alright – Canada’s completely lost it.

On April 16, Canada will introduce a quarter bearing an image of a Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai. Its remains were found in Alberta in 1974, the first new species of dinosaur to be discovered there.

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Viewing the quarter during the daytime, it will just appear to be a regular ol’ dino on a coin. But in the dark, the dinosaur’s skeleton glows, allowing Canadians to wow little kids.

The coin has a photo-luminescent technology that supposedly won’t wear off. It will be part of a series called Prehistoric Creatures, which will include three more dino coins. Each will sell for $29.95, so Canadians probably won’t be using these at their local laundromat.

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The Canadian government is hoping the coins will generate revenue and help reduce the deficit. With so much currency news coming out of our northern neighbor, we can’t wait until the next big announcement. Up next: invisible dimes?