Look Out, Dunkin’ Donuts: McDonald’s Plans to Offer Breakfast Pastries

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Monica Stevenson / Getty Images

Egg McMuffins not your thing? No problem. McDonald’s is trying to boost its share of the breakfast business with new offerings like muffins, scones and danishes. The fast-food giant is rolling out a line of breakfast pastries in New England, going head-to-head with Massachusetts-based rival Dunkin’ Donuts.

According to the Boston Globe, the new items are in stores now across New England and in Albany, N.Y. Promotions for them kick off this week. Diners will be able to choose from goodies like vanilla scones, banana bread and cheese danishes.

The company is touting the fact that its breakfast pastries will be fresh and made on-site daily. The Globe cites a regional franchisee who says the new breakfast offerings were developed in response to request from customers who wanted sweet baked goods. He says he hopes they will boost coffee sales and help him better compete with Starbucks as well as Dunkin’ Donuts. McDonald’s is probably also hedging its bets because competitor Taco Bell recently began selling egg and sausage-based breakfast burritos, offerings that compete with McD’s McMuffin breakfast sandwiches.

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Unlike McD’s other breakfast menu items like oatmeal, pancakes and breakfast sandwiches, the baked goods will be available all day in order to capitalize on mid-afternoon snackers in addition to the breakfast crowd. Depending on what kind of reception New England diners give the “McBakery” offerings, the chain could roll them out to restaurants in other parts of the country, according to the Globe.

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A Dunkin’ Donuts rep contacted by the paper declined to comment on this offensive move by the Golden Arches. Despite the apparent competitive threat, though, Dunkin’ might actually benefit from its rival’s foray into its bread-and-butter menu offerings. Smoothie chain Jamba Juice saw a boost in sales when McDonald’s and Starbucks expanded their beverage line-ups to include the blended fruit-based concoctions.