Pizza Hut Valentine’s Day Special: Pizza Selling for $10,010*

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*The deal also includes flowers, limo service, fireworks, a videographer, photographer, and a red ruby ring—that you’re supposed to propose with. Whether you propose before or after eating pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks is your call.

According to survey data, some 4 million Americans expect to propose or be proposed to on Valentine’s Day. Most probably aren’t expecting a proposal over Pizza Hut, though.

On the spectrum of wacky marketing efforts food industry chains are undertaking to call attention to themselves around Valentine’s Day, at one end is the fun, somewhat offbeat promotion from Krispy Kreme, in which the purchase of a dozen donuts is accompanied by a dozen Valentine’s cards—with each card granting the recipient a free donut. Somewhere toward the other end of the spectrum—in the territory that could be described as silly and goofball, perhaps clever in an ironic way—are the candlelit Valentine’s dinners offered by White Castle and Waffle House.

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And, at the far end of the spectrum, in the range that could be labeled Beyond Absurd or, as BuzzFeed suggested, the “end of civilization,” is Pizza Hut’s Dinner Box Proposal Package.

For a price of $10,010, the package includes:

• Ruby Engagement Ring: a stunning ruby stone flanked by shimmering diamonds

• Limo Service: pick up your sweetheart in style before popping the question

• Flowers: no proposal is complete without a spectacular bouquet of her favorite flowers

• Fireworks: a perfectly timed fireworks display will vault this proposal into the record books

• Photographer: photos taken of the happy couple before, during and after the moment

• Videographer: capturing video of the moment she says “yes”

• $10 Dinner Box: hands-down the most vital, and appetizing, piece of the package

The proposal detritus costs a flat $10K—making that $10 box with “a medium one-topping rectangular pan pizza, five breadsticks with marinara sauce and 10 cinnamon sticks with a sweet icing cup” seem like quite the deal by comparison. Pizza Hut says it is limiting sales of the “exclusive package” to just 10 lucky would-be proposers (and 10 even luckier gals).

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Tax isn’t included in the $10,010 price, by the way. Neither is tip. And in this case, the standard $3 or so tip for the pizza delivery guy probably won’t cut it. You don’t want your soon-to-be-bride to think you’re cheap or lacking in class and sophistication, do you?

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