This Starbucks T-Shirt is $85 — It Has a Coffee Stain on It

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Maybe Starbucks doesn’t realize that many economists are forecasting a double-dip recession. Or maybe they just don’t realize that people don’t like stains on their shirts.

No matter. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the massive coffee chain has released an $85 T-shirt with a coffee stain on it. Starbucks teamed up with Nordstrom and designer Alexander Wang to create the super-artsy stenciled shirt (which also has the Starbucks mermaid within the brown splatter).

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You’ll be able to buy the shirt at Starbucks stores and Nordstrom’s. Or, you could go to Walmart, buy a 5-pack of white T-shirts for $13.46 and stain your own clothing.

Or, you know, you could just walk around without stains on your shirts.