Guess What? Join a Car-Sharing Service and You’ll Drive Less, Walk and Bike More

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One year after car-sharing service Zipcar was introduced in Baltimore, the company conducted a survey to find out what life on the road has been like since members joined the program. The results are probably what you’d expect—folks are in cars less, much less likely to buy cars, and more likely to walk, bike, and use public transportation—but they’re impressive nonetheless.

The Zipcar survey found that:

*14% of members now bike more

*21% say they walk more

*11% use public transit more

*72% say they’re less likely to buy or lease a car in the future

*12% say they take five or more car trips a month, down from 38% before joining

All of this info helps make the argument why it’s good to share—for the individual, and for roads and cities as well.

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