As If You Need an Excuse to Splurge …

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Saturday, June 18, is National Splurge Day. What, you’re probably asking, the heck is National Splurge Day?

According to Holiday Insights, here’s how to properly join in the festivities:

Treat yourself excessively, to anything you want. And, to excess if you desire. Isn’t that a great thing? Maybe, you’re on a diet, and that special dessert is too many calories. Maybe, you want to buy a steak, and the budget is a little tight. Toss out the reservations, and go for it today.

The site says it couldn’t find the origins of this day, which got me curious. Over the years, various books and articles have listed National Splurge Day as a day to indulge, though not explaining how or why the event came about. A few cite a woman named Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, “America’s premier eventologist,” as their source.

Turns out she has a blog, and it was she who just up and created the “holiday” on a whim 18 years ago.

That explains at least partly how one becomes an “eventologist”: Start by making up events.