7 Beer-Related Gifts for Father’s Day

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Philip Nealey / Getty Images

Gadgets, “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs, and homemade cards are nice and all. But on a hot sunny Sunday, on the day dedicated to dads, why not give the frosty Father’s Day gift he truly craves?

CLASSIC: Beer of the Month
Sign dad up and each month he’ll receive a different 12-pack—or, usually, three bottles apiece of four different kinds of beer. There are several beer clubs to consider, including the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club ($23 to $33 monthly), the Amazing Beer Club ($32 to $34 monthly), and the Craft Beer Club, which runs $37.75 a month (“free” shipping’s included, though). The cheaper, though more labor intensive alternative is to just get in the habit of buying your dad some good beer, provided you live near both him and a store with a decent selection.

DIY: Beer He Brews Himself
Before even thinking about giving home-brewing equipment, think about your dad. Would he consider brewing beer as fun, or just more work? Only if it’s the former, check out this $100 starter kit comes with everything, including ingredients to make a first batch of American pale ale.

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SPLURGE: Deluxe Beer Fridge
Some dads like the idea of making their own fresh beer, while others would just love having fresh beer on tap at any time, with almost no effort whatsoever. For $3,000, this retro Master Draft System Fridge from Elmira (highlighted in an LA Times blog) accommodates a full-size keg and features a through-the-door tap dispenser. Just insert a keg of dad’s choice, tap, and commence man caving.

DORKY/AWESOME: Beer Holster, Beer Buckle
Red Envelope, the company known for personalized jewelry and baby gift items, offers a
rugged leather beer holster for dads. It fits one standard bottle or can, snaps onto any belt, and should not be used to hold a gun. The Beer Buckle, meanwhile, keeps a belt on while flipping down to hold a beer at the hip or, more often, dead center right over the (beer) belly button.

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T.G.I. DORKY: Beer via Facebook
Here’s something that’s new and weird: When you “like” T.G.I. Fridays on Facebook, you can buy a beer for a friend or, as the chain suggests, your father. The beer goes to the recipient in the form of a $5 e-gift card that can be redeemed at the restaurant or bar.

BETTER THAN A TIE: Beer at Hooter’s
To celebrate Father’s Day, Hooters is hosting a “buy ten wings, get ten wings free” special. And we all know what goes well with wings: beer, boobs, and sexually frustrated old men.