We All Need to Feel Valued (Especially at Work), Right Loyal Readers?

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Business Insider recently ran a piece by Tony Schwartz, author of Be Excellent at Anything, on how “the need to feel valued at work is as important as the need for food.” Well, kind of.

While that was the story’s headline, Schwartz actually said, “To feel valued (and valuable) is almost as compelling a need as food.” Ok – that seems closer to the truth than saying getting a compliment at work is as important as survival.
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But Schwartz makes a good point. His argument is that the more we feel our value in the workplace is at risk, “the more preoccupied we become with defending and restoring it, and the less value we’re capable of creating in the world.”

That can cause a whole host of problems: anger directed toward colleagues, poorer performance, looking for other jobs on the clock, etc.

So, is there anything you can do? Schwartz suggests a few things, namely: take matters into your own hands. That will allow you to take some control of the situation. He also recommends just taking a break, breathe and think about why you feel your value is at stake. Finally, think of how you can deal with the situation without attacking the person who you feel threatened by.

Basically, don’t bottle up those emotions.