Which Would You Prefer: $1 Million or a Hot Body?

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Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Talk about a million-dollar body: In a new poll, nearly one-quarter (22%) of Americans say they would rather have their dream body for the rest of their lives than win $1 million in the lottery.

The poll, or rather the Diet Index sponsored by Nutrisystem, also revealed that the vast majority of people (85%) find “a great body more of a turn-on for a sexual partner to have than a lot of money.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have both: In a series of research studies, a group of economists concluded that beautiful people—presumably with some pretty darn beautiful bodies as well—are happier mainly because good looks increase the chances that they’ll become rich, either by cashing in career-wise on their attractiveness or marrying someone who is wealthy.

Back to the Diet Index: When asked which body they’d most like to have, women were most likely to point to the physical perfection of Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry. I’d think there are plenty of guys who would prefer to have those bodies over $1 million as well, but in a different sense.

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