Test Your Bank Fee Knowledge

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There are so many bank fees nowadays that’s impossible to keep tabs on them all. A new quiz that’s fun and exciting—well, not really because the topic is so annoying, but this is interesting anyway—lists 20 bank fees and asks you to identify which ones are real and which ones are made-up.

At first, I thought the punchline would be that all of the fees are real. But about half of the list of fees, from online bank ING Direct’s blog, consists of fake fees. (At least, they are fees that don’t exist right now, but perhaps this list will give some or another bank the idea to start charging for that stuff too.)

The answer key reveals whether the after-hours banking fee, photocopier fee, research fee, returned statement fee, joint account fee, and other fees are actually paid by bank customers out there, or they’re just figments of somebody’s imagination.

Whether the fees are real or fake, the intro to the quiz nails it with the statement:

Either way, they’re all pretty ridiculous.