Frugality Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg

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He lives beneath his means, has a ten-minute commute to work, and bought a house he can afford. Then again, what house can’t he afford?

How could purchasing a $7 million, 5,600-square-foot home offer a lesson in frugality? Well, if you’re Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and you’re worth nearly $7 billion, and you prefer hoodies over flashy designer duds and tend to not spend money or live an ostentatious lifestyle, and your peers own properties that are five times as big and expensive, such a home may seem like a thrifty choice.

The LA Times reports:

Even with this big purchase, Zuckerberg is still living below his means — he drives an Acura because it’s safe and not ostentatious and cites “minimalism” and “eliminating desire” as interests on his Facebook profile — and below the standards of some other Silicon Valley technology leaders.