$1 for $20 Worth of Food? Some Crazy Deals Still Available from LivingSocial

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Group-buying site LivingSocial made news for introducing a $10,000 coupon, and now the company is getting attention by going in the opposite pricing direction: Today, LivingSocial members have been dining in restaurants all over Washington, D.C., and they’ve been getting as much as $20 worth of food for just $1.

While nearly all of the deals have been scooped up and used, at least one—for a Middle Eastern restaurant named Mama Ayesha—is available through 5 p.m. on Friday, April 15. Buy the deal through LivingSocial and you’ll pay $1 for $20 of food at the restaurant.

But only—big ONLY—if you buy and dine by 5 p.m.

Per Mashable, these special offers come as a way to introduce LivingSocial’s Instant Deals. Whereas typical group-buying deals can be used any time over a several month span, these deals can take advantage of only in the immediate future. Groupon has a similar program in the works called Groupon Now.

While nearly all of the $1-for-$20 offers are goners LivingSocial has plenty of other Instant Deal deals—$10 for $20 worth of food and drink—for folks hungry for deals, drinks, and food in the D.C. area. Can you say “Happy Hour”?