Economic Indicator: Tooth Fairy Payments Are Up 18%

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The national average appearing under the pillows of recently de-toothed children is now $2.52 a pop. That’s up 18% from the average of a year ago ($2.13). And the increase, according the group that conducts this annual poll, is a strong indication that the economy is improving. Either that or the black market for kids’ incisors is as hot as gold.

The numbers in the 2011 Official Tooth Fairy Poll, conducted annually by Minnesota-based Delta Dental, reflect a broader strengthening of the economy. From the press release:

“This year’s Tooth Fairy Poll average reflects the stable increase we’re seeing in other areas of the economy,” said Ann Johnson, director of community affairs for Delta Dental of Minnesota. “For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 17.2 percent during the same time period. The Tooth Fairy may be another indicator that the economy is on pace for a steady recovery.”

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