Selling and Buying Leftover DIY Project Supplies Just Got Easier

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One of the neat new money-saving websites highlighted a few months back on this blog is expanding in a big way.

Diggerslist, “The home improvement classifieds,” used to be limited to a few dozen locations around the country. The site is a marketplace where DIYers could buy or sell, say, the extra pavers left over from a patio project, or some excess laminate flooring you didn’t wind up needing while refinishing the basement, or any of the other detritus that otherwise would end up clogging your garage for years.

This week, Diggerslist went national, announcing:

Instead of us defining the cities for you to browse in, we have turned the controls over to you. No need to look through a long list of cities, you can just type in the city or zip code that you want and start posting or digging around. Whether you are in Yuba City or New York City, it’s up to you!

This doesn’t necessarily mean there will be DIYers wanting to swap or sell excess supplies in your neck of the woods. It just means that the door is open for such possibilities. The site has also been equipped with geolocating technology, so that it’ll automatically suggest the nearest listings. Building supplies aren’t exactly easy to ship, so you’ll probably only want to trade with folks within reasonable pickup-driving distance.

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