Cheapskate Wisdom … About a Cheaper, More Productive Alternative to the iPad

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“It’s called a laptop, and experts say they’re still better than tablets for users who want something that’s truly functional.”

A SmartMoney post makes the case that an iPad amounts to a toy, and that in many ways a laptop is still superior (and much cheaper):

There’s easily twice the storage capacity for all that media you’re watching, and a DVD drive for those who aren’t ready to stream. And for users interested in a device that supports Flash multimedia, that capability is still widely available — even on Apple products, despite the company’s decision not to support the technology on the iPad. Plus, they’re significantly cheaper, notes [ABI research analyst Jeff] Orr: A basic-but-decent laptop runs about $350 – 30% less than the cost of the cheapest iPad.

The iPad Debate: Is It Remotely Useful or Just a Total Time Suck?