Shout Out: ‘How to Go to College for Free’

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What can you learn by watching college courses online, without paying a dime?

Quite a lot, according to David Hochman, who spent a month absorbing as much wisdom and knowledge as possible from online lectures offered by professors at Harvard, UC Berkeley, and other prestigious universities. Hochman wrote about his top five picks for Reader’s Digest. Here’s the lowdown on one of his favorites:

Michael Sandel, Harvard University, The Morality of Murder: (Part 1) The Moral Side of Murder, (Part 2) The Case For Cannibalism. A thousand students regularly pack themselves into a lecture Hall at Harvard to hear Sandel’s course on justice, one of the most popular in the school’s history. In this lecture, Sandel looks at difficult moral dilemmas involving choices we might one day make about life and death.