Cheapskate Wisdom … from a Teenager’s Award-Winning Essay about Money

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“You’re a two-timing lousy piece of paper. I’ve tried saving you my entire life (and trust me, it’s no easy feat). And through all that time, you have the gall to inform me that you’ve been around in other people’s pants?”

Stage of Life recently hosted an essay contest asking teenagers to write about their relationship with money, and of the 3,000-plus entrants, the winner was Justina Tran, of Garden Grove, Calif. The intro to her essay is excerpted above. Here’s a little more of teen’s clever take on money:

You’ve been a malignant tumor upon the lives of my family and friends. I hate that my family talks about you more than anything else – they even worry about you. You’ve put my family through a lot, you know. I don’t expect you to apologize but you could at least compensate us with your presence more often.