NBA Tickets for 11 Cents!?!

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Last night’s game between the New Jersey Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers wasn’t exactly a hot ticket. Seats were being offered on StubHub for mere pennies.

The NY Times reported on the price war that took place among ticket sellers eager to unload seats for the match-up:

Early in the day, SlamOnline reported that tickets for the game between the Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers were selling for as little as 25 cents each on the online ticket seller That seemed to set off a price war, with many tickets falling below that price. By the time the site shut down ticket sales, the least-expensive seats available were listed at just 11 cents for the game between the two worst teams in the Eastern Conference.

With 22 tickets available at that price, the total to buy them would have been $2.42, though service and delivery fees would have increased the total purchase to a whopping $12.37.

With all fees included, those 22 tickets would have cost less than two beers inside the arena.

Cheapskate basketball fans alert: The Nets play the Cavaliers again on March 23, in Cleveland.