Huh? Post-Christmas Sales Four Days BEFORE Christmas

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This holiday shopping season got off to a start with Black Friday sales starting way before Black Friday, and continued with Black Friday sales lasting way after Black Friday. Based on this kind of logic, it should come as no surprise that retailers are offering after-Christmas sales well before Christmas.

The WSJ reports strong retail sales as Christmas nears, thanks in large part to an onslaught of big discounts, sales, and promotions.

Because shoppers are accustomed to hefty markdowns, it’s harder and harder to get consumers excited for yet another 30% off sale. So one retailer, Aeropostale, is jumping the shark by doing some time travel, offering “After Christmas Prices Now” in select styles. From the WSJ:

AĆ©ropostale is even touting some “After Christmas Prices Now,” a sale that employee Richie Crespo said is showcasing “even cheaper prices.”

“Everything always costs less that day after Christmas,” he said.

Which brings up the question: Will the After-After Christmas Prices beginning on December 26 cost less than the After Christmas Prices Now merchandise available today?