How to Handle Getting Fired Right Before Christmas

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A freshly laid-off personal finance blogger demonstrates how to deal with the situation like a pro—because the last thing you want to do is make a bad situation worse by burning bridges. Tip one: Suppress the urge to punch anyone in the face.

J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy tells his “I Got Fired” story right after getting pink-slipped from the company he’s worked for as a designer for five years. Millions of Americans have gone through something similar in recent years (including me), and what struck me about this post is how it nails the emotions felt in the moment—anger, puzzlement, panic—and how he ultimately handles the situation with class, sucking it up and sending out thank yous and leaving “as smoothly and smartly as the first day” he signed on.

Why not go with the flow and freak out when you’re laid off? Stomping out of the office with expletives and middle fingers blazing would seem therapeutic, to some extent. But simply put, it’s not in your best interest—and when you lose a job, your first thought should concern what’s best for your future, not seeking revenge for something that happened in the past. And yes, once you’re fired, that’s already in the past.

A snippet from the post:

All that thanking and ass kissing helps set you up for one thing, and one thing only – future business. Maybe off a reference, or a lead, or even with the same company down the road – you just never know. So within all the thank yous and “let’s grab beers” sometimes, I planted the seed that the Design Shop of J$ is now open for business! Even though I have no idea if it is, or if I’d even want to be associated w/ the company ever again.

And guess what happened? The same guy that fired me 4 hours earlier called me up and said he needed my help?!!! HAH! Didn’t see that one coming 😉

I’m not sure if blogging about the incident is wise, or in anybody’s best interest. But hey, I guess since these are anonymous posts, it’s all good.

The freshly fired can get more inspiration by watching a short doc I recommend called “Lemonade.”

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