Thursday, December 16, Is National Regifting Day

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Join in the festivities by digging up something underwhelming you received last year and unloading it on somebody else. You’re less likely to be pegged as a regifter if the item isn’t opened. But then again, if you never even took the thing out of the box, that’s a pretty clear sign of how much you didn’t like it.

Of the many days that could have been chosen as a made-up holiday, why is this one being “celebrated” today? Well, the folks at declared it so a couple years back, based on the fact that the third Thursday in December is the most likely day for office holiday parties, and the most likely people to receive regifts are office colleagues who their fellow workers don’t feel like spending actual money on.

Thus, National Regifting Day pairs up well with other longstanding office party traditions of questionable taste, including sucking up to the boss, hitting on interns, and overdoing the eggnog and telling the lady with the annoying voice two cubicles down what you really think of her. Side note: If you’d rather skip the office party and get a cash bonus instead, you’re not alone.

If you’re going to regift, here’s some helpful advice on how to do it properly—or at least how to do it without getting busted:
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