Upping the Ante: $25K Reward for Finding an Unemployed Marketing Consultant a Job

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A revamped resume can only do so much, even if you switch fonts and use bullet points and the right keywords and everything. That’s why a dad from Long Island with 15 years experience in marketing who was laid off six months ago is now offering a $25,000 reward to anybody who helps him land a job.

Scott Avidon, the jobless marketing consultant at hand, tells the Huffington Post:

“The amount of the reward will be based on the base salary that I get,” he told HuffPost. “So if I get a job with a base salary of $225,000 to $275,000, I’ll pay $25,000, and the only caveat is that I have to be employed for at least three months. I’m not gonna pretend I have $25,000 in the bank right now, but I will put it aside from my earnings, and after a few months I’ll have it and I’ll pay it.”

For those keeping track of such things (like me), this isn’t the first cash reward offered for a job lead, but as far as I know it has the biggest potential payoff for would-be amateur headhunters. There was also a jobless woman in Texas offering a $1,000 reward and a 50-year-old man in California offering $3,000 to anyone who helped them find gainful employment. There then was the group that paid to have a billboard put up announcing the hopes of millions around the country, stating plainly: “I need a freakin’ job.”