7 Totally Dope, Awesomely Dorky Economics and Personal Finance Rap Videos

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Plenty of rappers talk about money. But the lyricists in these videos really rap about money—not pimpin’ or drug deals, but international currency policy, bank bailouts, taxes, tithing, and other aspects of the gangsta economist lifestyle. They also make videos that feature Christians dancing like MC Hammer and the New Kids on the Block, or computer-generated dancing pandas and a virtual Barack Obama who moves more robotically than the president himself.

This first video—about the China-U.S. currency policy battle and featuring virtual pandas, Obama, and Chinese President Hu Jintao—is especially timely, created to coincide with the G20 Summit in Seoul.

U.S.-Sino Currency Rap Battle

Sample lyrics:

From the Mao to the Deng to the Jiang to the Hu /
You think you can keep on telling us what to do!


Turbo Tax: The Rap

Sample lyrics:

I guess the IRS doesn’t like to be defrauded.
And if you even try they’ll complete an audit.
And that’s a process you don’t want to see get started….
But you could get Turbo Tax, it’s da bomb, da bomb.
And it’s as easy as taking your mom to prom.


Financial Meltdown Rap

Sample lyrics:

Remember the bad loans firms started to make?
They would get them insured, little risk was at stake.
The big dawg was the infamous A.I.G.
Who insured the firms holding mortgage securities.


Tithe Rap

Sample lyrics:

Before I buy the groceries or pay the rent,
I gotta give God his full ten percent.
He gives me a hundred , I give back ten.
I’m blessed all day from beginning to end.


The Bailout Rap

Sample lyrics:

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Bailing out bankers is bad for our wealth!


No Layaway Walmart Rap

Sample lyrics:

No layaway? Is that what you say?
But my granny needs some new panties and some Oil of Olay!


Fear the Boom and Bust, a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

Sample lyrics:

Savings is destruction, that’s the paradox of thrift /
Don’t keep money in your pocket, or that growth will never lift.