The Ceiling Fan as Energy (and Money) Saver

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The fan is often thought of as the poor man’s air conditioner. But you might want to use a ceiling fan even in rooms that have A/C, and you might want to turn the fan on even in the winter.

An Energy Star spokeswoman, quoted in by the AP, says that by using a ceiling fan, you can raise the thermostat by degrees—which will shave 14% off your energy costs over the course of the summer.

On the seasonal flip side, fans can be used to help heat a house:

Most ceiling fans are reversible. During the summer, the blades should move counterclockwise as you look up at the fan, creating a wind chill. In winter months, they should move clockwise. That helps bring the hot air down from the ceiling and even out the heating. Hunter Fan Co. says you can save 15 percent on your winter heating costs by lowering your thermostat 4 degrees and using a ceiling fan.