Subway for Breakfast?

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They’re not trying to sell you “five dollar foot looooongs,” at least not at 7 a.m. anyway. But Subway is jumping into the fast-food breakfast market, with combos like $2.50 for an egg muffin melt and 16-ounce coffee.

The Chicago Tribune describes the Subway-for-breakfast dining adventure:

The experience is oddly familiar. Early morning the place still smells like freshly baked bread. Diners order a custom sandwich, like at lunch, and choose ingredients — maybe a wheat muffin and some fresh veggies. The “Subway experience” of a custom order is something company officials think will be attractive to core customers. Stressing some healthful options like egg-white sandwiches is also crucial.

Unlike McDonald’s and Burger King, Subway isn’t making egg dishes from scratch. Subway’s omelets come to the stores ready-made and frozen. All the store has to do is defrost them, Winograd said. Once assembled with a choice of ingredients, the sandwiches are heated in a giant toaster oven.

Perhaps an even bigger hold-up when trying to woo today’s fast-food, on-the-go clientele: There’s no drive-thru at Subway. (The horror!) One Chicago area diner weighs in:

“It’s ridiculous, but it’s totally for expediency,” said Anne Purky, 52, of Lake Forest, who stopped for some breakfast at the Deerfield McDonald’s after dropping her daughter off at school last week. Navigating a lengthy bottleneck at the drive-through window, Purky grabbed a parking space and tucked into scrambled eggs and a latte at her favorite breakfast nook — the front seat of her SUV.

When she was asked about trying breakfast at Subway, the idea seemed alien. “That sounds gross,” she said. “It’s just doesn’t feel right.”

How did you just know that she was going to be driving an SUV?

In other fast-food news that may or may not feel right, Arby’s is introducing a $1 menu, with roast beef sandwiches, curly fries, and shakes selling for a buck.

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