Your Butt’s Not Getting Bigger

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Well, probably not anyway. It’s just that your toilet paper could very well be getting smaller.

From a Consumer Reports post:

When a Michigan reader put a new roll of Northern toilet paper on the roller, she said, “I couldn’t figure out why there was so much room at either end.” Northern has gone south, shrinking each sheet from 4.5×4 inches to 4×4 and the number of sheets per roll from 300 to 286. A customer-service rep at Georgia Pacific blamed “the cost factor in today’s economy” and said the shrinkage prevented a price hike.

That’s funny. Because when a manufacturer sells less product and keeps the price the same, that is a price hike. There’s not much difference whether you’re paying more for the same old thing, or you’re getting less but paying the same old price. Either way, it amounts to an increase in what the consumer formerly had to pay for a product.