Fast Food: A 13-Times-Per-Month Habit

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And that’s after numbers dropped off due to the recession. In 2006, 18- to 34-year-old Americans—a group known as “super fans” who have accounted for half of all visits to some fast food franchises—ate burgers, fries, nuggets, and other drive-thru favorites almost 19 times a month.

Check out these and other factoids, along with details on Burger King’s never-ending quest to pull in more and more “super fans” at a WSJ story.

One former fast food junkie says he and his fiancée save an easy $100 a week—over $5,000 in the course of a year—simply by cooking at home and eating fewer fast food burgers. Saving money, as you can see, can be simple and easy:

“I don’t think we’ll go back to eating out as often as we used to,” he says. “We always used to talk about eating at home more, and now that it’s happened, we’ve found that we really enjoy it.”