A time for transition, Part 2

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The Curious Capitalist is getting curiouser. As Justin takes his leave, we’re adding three new voices to the Curious Capitalist. They belong to these people:

Let me introduce, from left to right, John Curran, Bill Saporito and Steve Gandel.

John edits Time.com’s business coverage. He likes to talk to investors and follow the stock market. Eight years ago, he gave me my first job at Time Inc. (at Mutual Funds magazine), so we can all thank him for that.

Bill edits Time magazine’s business coverage. He has lots and lots of opinions. I often tell people he’s the best editor I’ve ever had, though I won’t say that right now since I was just talking about another one of my (also wonderful) editors.

Steve came to Time about a year ago from Money magazine. He has already written a number of great stories for us, and he can cover what banks are up to like nobody’s business. He sits right next door to me.

Welcome to the Curious Capitalist, fellas. We’re going to have a great time.

Next week I’ll be blogging away from Davos. John, Bill and Steve will start wading in soon.