A time for transition, Part 1

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The day is quickly drawing near for Justin to move on to bigger and better things things. As you can see, I am putting on a brave face, but I’m really quite upset. (Justin, as you can see, has taken to drinking.)

Justin will post more about his transition later today, and I’ll post again about some new folks who will be joining the blog, but first I’d like to say a few words about the original Curious Capitalist.

I have been very lucky in my career as a journalist to have a number of top-notch editors—you can learn a lot from a person who shapes the things you write. Yet until I met Justin, I didn’t realize how much I could learn from a person who simply shows up to the same meetings as I do and leaves his door open for pop-ins. Justin’s knowledge of history and his appreciation for the social sciences have had a major influence on the way I do my job. He’s been a great role model and mentor. Plus, he has always laughed at my jokes.

As Baby said to Johnny: I can’t imagine being here without you even one day. Justin, you are truly irreplaceable.

UPDATE: Here are Justin’s replacements.