Davos round-up: Day 4

Congressman Barney Frank reports that after closed-door meetings with bank executives, regulators and central bankers, everyone understands that reforms are coming, and that while those reforms will be internationally coordinated, they won’t be identical from country to country.

International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Driver’s licenses for the Internet

I just went to a panel discussion about Internet security and let me tell you, it was scar-y. Between individual fraud, organized crime, corporate espionage and government spying, it’s an incredibly dangerous world out there, which, according to one panelist, is growing exponentially worse.

These are incredibly complex problems that …

Davos round-up: Day 3

Obama economic adviser Larry Summers cautions that the U.S. economy still has a long way to go before it’s fully back to normal, even though fourth quarter annualized growth came in at 5.7%.

Computer mogul Bill Gates promises $10 billion for vaccine research and delivery over the next decade, double what his foundation spent on vaccines …

Shout Out: ‘Family Budget Boot Camp’

Parenting magazine paired up three financial advisors with three families that have serious financial troubles. They’ve all been blogging about the experience since October. There’s plenty of good advice to be gathered from the posts, but what’s most fascinating is that these stories are really real.

How Inertia Can Cost You Big Time

When most people receive bills, they dutifully pay them, no questions asked. But by sitting back and complacently paying bills as they’re presented, you’re probably spending hundreds, even thousands more dollars a year than you need to. What should you do instead? Be aware, and be a pain in the butt.

What banks do and don’t want out of new regulation

The buzz in the halls here at Davos continues to be about financial regulation. Yesterday the world’s largest banks had a closed-door strategy session, and tomorrow they’re meeting with regulators and policy makers, including U.S. Congressman Barney Frank.

This afternoon Deutsche Bank CEO Joseph Ackermann gave an update on what the …

4th Qtr. GDP Surprise: Too Good To Be True?

America’s economy galloped ahead in the final quarter of 2009, expanding at a better-than-expected 5.7% rate, according to the first estimate from the Commerce Department. (I hasten to add that it was not a surprise to CC founding contributor Justin Fox who’s been alerting readers to the strong likelihood of an eye-popping 4th quarter …

Davos round-up: Day 2

Bill Clinton pops by to encourage continued support of Haiti and says the nation could emerge with an economy stronger than it had before.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou denies that his country is looking for emergency funding to finance its budget deficit.

The heads of Bank of America, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, …

Our Debt Is Getting Scary

President Obama handled his first State of the Union pretty well on Wednesday evening. But overhanging his ambitious agenda is a darkening cloud of debt as we were reminded Thursday when the senate voted to raise the nation’s debt limit by $1.9 trillion. The CBO director recently noted that debt held by the public totaled $7.5 trillion, …

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