‘New’ Family Budget Tips: Cheaper Weddings, Breastfeeding

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Some trendy new ways to save look a lot like the old way folks used to do things.

In the recession-dampened economy, couples are more likely to throw smaller, less expensive weddings, sometimes with a reception of just a dozen guests at a restaurant or in someone’s home. Overall, the average price of a wedding was recently estimated at $22,121, down from $28,730 in 2007.

Breastfeeding, meanwhile, is estimated to save $1,000 to $3,000 a year compared to feeding a baby with formula, and the number of nursing mothers has been on the rise for some time now:

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says breast-feeding has been increasing for the last decade, with recent data showing 74 percent of new mothers initiating breast-feeding. That’s up from 68 percent in 1999. And women appear to be breast-feeding longer, with 43 percent still breast-feeding at six months and 23 percent at 12 months (up from 33 percent at 6 months and 15 percent at 12 months in 1999).

Of course, many moms are turning to the boob because of the reported health benefits of breast milk. And if it can save you a couple thousand bucks a year, all the better.