After-the-Fact Gift Strategies: Swapping, Selling, Returning, Regifting

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Maybe, just maybe, you got what you wanted under the Christmas tree. As for the rest of us …

Some helpful resources and info:

7 ways to use gift cards wisely. If you received a gift card to a store that’s not your cup of tea, swap it for a card from a store you like. Gift cards are easy to swap with friends (via Facebook or even, duh, face to face) or with strangers, using sites such as or The sites let you swap or straight-up sell gift cards.

Swap CDs, DVDs, books, and video games for free at sites such as, or sell them via

The best and worst return policies of the holiday season. Put together by WalletPop, the post highlights some of the best (L.L. Bean, Wal-Mart, Zappos) and worst (Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot) return policies among major retailers, along with some that fall in the middle (The Gap, IKEA, Sears).

A similar return policy round-up from Consumer World.

15 tips to regift without getting caught. From Coupon Sherpa, with advice including what not to regift: handmade highly personal items, outdated electronics, socks, and swag.

Legendary re-gifting failures. No practical info other than what not to do—like regifting a three-year-old, never-opened wine cooler that contained sausage and cheese which were also three years old.

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