The Amazing, Undeniable Power of $1 Beer

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The NBA’s Sacramento Kings have the worst attendance in the league, averaging just over 12,000 tickets sold per game, filling less than 70% of its arena’s seats. So guess what happened when the team announced a $1 beverage promotion, offering soda, water, and (yes!) beer for a buck?

As of last night, the Kings announced that nearly all of the seats had sold out for what’s sure to be a boozy game tonight. A beer normally costs about $6.50 in a typical NBA arena, and the dollar deal has helped the Kings sell over 5,000 more tickets than they usually unload.

One Kings blog (what isn’t there a blog for nowadays?) offered some context:

Personally, I’m a little terrified about this game. I saw a fight with drinks being thrown at people in the crowd during the Kings-Wolves game and there couldn’t have been more than 4,500 in attendance. And now we’re going to quadruple that number with beer flowing like Jay-Z in the studio?

At the very least, I’d factor in extra time for XXXL lines at the bathroom. You can watch the game safely, and within close proximity to your own bathroom, on ESPN tonight.