Retail Return Policy Watch: It’s Not All Bad News

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You know that very soon, you’re going to be giving or getting a holiday gift that really should be returned. Whether you’ll actually be able to do so depends on where it was bought, and how quickly you act.

Good thing that somebody is keeping tabs on the moving targets that are retail return policies: Check out Consumer World’s 2009 Holiday Return Policies round-up, which notes changes in return policies from the likes of Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and more. Some are stricter, others more consumer-friendly. Sears, for instance, doubled the length of its return policy on things like electronics and mattresses, to 60 days.

Note that stores with good return policies can lull shoppers into something of a no-worries trance: The easier the return, the more you’re likely to spend more than you planned.

And hey, if you care to weigh in on the topic of retail returns, or if you just want the chance to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate, WiseBread is now asking readers if they’re the type to return gifts. The majority of commenters seem to be responding with a resounding “hell yeah.”