Swine Flu Medicine Prices Are Lowered, Just as Swine Flu Worries Fade

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After being investigated for price-gouging, chain drugstores including CVS and Walgreens have dropped prices on the H1N1 (swine flu) drug Tamiflu.

A recent survey of 100 pharmacies in six states showed that the same dosage of child-strength liquid Tamiflu was selling for anywhere between $43 and $130. Since USA Today broke the news of the price disparity—including the fact that Walgreens and CVS were charging well above average—the two chains lowered their prices to about $75 for that same dose.

The decrease in prices, coincidentally (or not coincidentally), occurs just as news is breaking that people are substantially less likely to need the drug. The number of swine flu infections is down sharply, the AP reports.