Next Wal-Mart-Target-Amazon Showdown: DVD Price War

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The price match-o-rama continues. Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target, which are already engaged in a sub-$10 price war over new books from bestselling authors, have begun matching each other’s DVD prices discount for discount. The results are prices so cheap that the stores are guaranteed to lose money on the sales.

Just like with the book price war, the DVDs being marked down are limited to online pre-orders of sure-to-be bestsellers like the new Harry Potter, Night at the Museum, and Star Trek movies. Check out Wal-Mart’s Top Ten Preorder list, which also inlcudes Angels & Demons, Julie & Julia, and G-Force.

The DVDs, which normally have list prices of $27 to $30, are available for $9.99 apiece. Free shipping is available in most cases too. One question: How can they say what DVDs rank in the top ten if they’re not actually being sold yet? At this point, they’re only available for pre-order. I guess this is more of an “expected” top ten list.

Read more about the DVD battle at a WSJ story.

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