Shopping Withdrawal: Are You Bound to Binge?

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For some people who have tried to go cold turkey and stop making unnecessary purchases, being good is getting boring. They’re experiencing “frugal fatigue,” and many shoppers out there are bound to crack.

The Washington Post explores the idea and talks with some shoppers who long to consume like the days of yore. One woman explains her attempts to go cold turkey:

For someone who used to blow $100 every time she walked into Target, “it was a sad and scary time,” she said. “I’m a shopaholic. I love to shop.”

She finally broke her fast, walking into Nordstrom after a long absence and buying a pair of 4 1/2 -inch heels in bright floral colors. The experience was cathartic, she said.

“It was like spring — rebirth, reawakening.”

Wow. At least when shoppers break down and buy stuff—or rather, when they experience a reawakening, with their impulse buys reborn in full, beautiful bloom (cue the classical music)—they can feel good that they’re helping the economy.