Rechargeable Batteries Save Money. Or Maybe They Don’t

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It’s easy to be green when you’re saving money at the same time. Eschewing bottled water for tap, recycling household items for cash, and turning off the water while brushing your teeth are no-brainer, no-hassle ways to help Mother Nature, not to mention your bank account. But what’s up with rechargeable batteries and other environmentally conscious yet pricey practices?

The hefty upfront costs of hybrid cars or solar panels can be intimidating, as the Washington Post points out. We all know they’re good for the environment, but it’s hard to tell if or when such investments make financial sense.

On a smaller expenditure scale, you’ve got rechargeable batteries. Is it worth switching all of your electronics over? The assumption is that it’ll save you from having to buy new batteries all the time, thereby saving you some cash. But don’t put them on your shopping list just yet.

A neat, comprehensive and extremely detailed blog post making the case that rechargeable batteries are, in fact, rarely cost-effective.