A List of Money-Saving Lists: 422 Ways to Save in Total

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When it comes to tips for saving, the more the better, right? Here’s a list of lists that’ll help you save money around the house, out at malls or restaurants, in Starbucks, at the grocery store—just about anywhere.

6 Common Shopping Traps to Avoid from Oprah’s mag includes the tidbit that not all “bargains” are created alike. Even if an item is heavily discounted off the original price tag, it may still cost way more than it’s worth, and it’s probably something you don’t need anyway.

6 Old-School Savings Tricks that are making a comeback, according to SmartMoney.com, such as bartering and layaway. (Really? Not sure how that helps you save. Doesn’t layaway enable you to spend?)

7 Ways to Dine Out at Restaurants for Less, including using websites like DinnerBroker that give discounts if you reserve your table way in advance and eat during certain hours.

7 Toys You Really Shouldn’t Buy for Your Child. Number one is a “Pole Dance Doll.”

8 Ways to Save at Starbucks. BYO cup for 10¢ off, get a refill for 50¢, and more.

10 Cheap Dates.

10 Free Ways to Improve Your Health. Sleep, drink lots of water, go for walks, etc. So simple. So sensible. No gym membership or personal trainer required.

11 Baby Products You Really Shouldn’t Buy, and also some stuff you should own by the time baby comes.

25 Secrets of Recession Chic. For one thing, leave your BFF at home when you go shopping. You know she’d talk you into buying something you don’t need.

100 Tips to Help You Save in 2009 from BankRate.com, divided into sections around the home (switching to compact fluorescent bulbs), in daily life (always send in the mail-in rebate, even if it’s just $2), personal finance (reward your family with a day at the zoo when you reach a savings goal), and cars and commuting (comparison shop for auto insurance at least once a year).

342 Salvage Grocery Stores. A state-by-state list of outlets around the country where the cans may be dinged, but the savings are sweet. And OK, you caught me: It’s sort of cheating to list each of these stores as individual ways to save. Mea culpa.

Not enough tips? Check out more from Peter and Jennifer Sander, who just put an excellent book, 573 Ways to Save Money.