My Big Fat 99¢ Wedding

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“Clean-up in aisle seven! There are happy bridal tears all over the place.” Nine couples won a promotion from 99¢ Only Stores—and the prize was a wedding ceremony that cost (yep) just 99¢, held among aisles of canned vegetables, cookies, and party favors in the discount chain’s Hollywood location.

Nine was the magic number for the 99¢ Only Stores promotion: There were 9 couples, the ceremony was on 9-09-09, and you know how much it cost each of the couples. The 99¢ fee covered not only the ceremony, including a setting with romantic overhead fluorescent lighting and linoleum floors, but also dresses, decorations and a buffet (both consisting of 99¢ items), and a night in a fancy L.A. hotel.

Read more here, and check out a photo of one of the brides inside the store here. (Are those canned pineapples on sale for 59¢? I could go for some pineapple.)

The 99¢ Only Stores website also has its own 99¢ wedding photo gallery, featuring elegant window displays at the Hollywood store.

The promotion is over, so you’ve lost out on the opportunity for a 99¢ wedding. But there are still ways to save. Everyone seems to want a summer wedding, with spring and autumn right behind. A winter wedding will cost a lot less. SmartMoney details how prices for weddings drop 20 to 50 percent during the “off” season from January to March.