A Dog’s Life Is Pretty Good During the Recession

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No need to worry about pets—they’re riding out the economic crisis in style. The latest sign that pets are faring well is the introduction of a new magazine that’s all about dogs from Cesar Millan, a trainer known as the “Dog Whisperer.”

The magazine isn’t exactly a hot business model nowadays. Putting out a new magazine at a time when magazines are disappearing left and right is an anomaly. But it’s been proven that even during the recession, pet owners will continue to pay up to keep their cats, dogs, and other family friends happy.

Hence, Cesar’s Way, a new magazine with cover lines like “Can your dog fix your marriage?” The WSJ has the story on the new mag, and the larger trend of the push to market to pet owners:

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia added a pet destination to its Web site this year. Honda Motor introduced an Element with features such as a cushioned pet bed in the cargo area and a pet-restraint system.