Labor Day Money-Saving Party Planning Committee, at Your Service

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Here’s a last-minute round-up of ideas to save on food and drink at barbecues, picnics, and any other sort of gathering this holiday weekend. One easy way to save: Go for store brands.

1. Seven money-saving tips for a barbecue, starting with the obvious: Tell everyone to bring their own meat.

2. Three Dallas chefs share recipes for delicious party food that’s fancy but inexpensive, like watermelon and sorbet.

3. Great Bargain Wines and Beers, all $10 or less, as recommended by Real Simple.

4. Ten ways to feed ten people for less than $20, including homemade pizzas and stew with fresh bread, from TheKitchn.

5. The best big-bottle “jug wines,” which have double the vino of typical bottles, cost $14 or less, and are perfect for barbecues and outdoor parties, from the WSJ.

6. How to feed a group on location—say, at a beach house—without spending a fortune or making three dozen trips to the supermarket, from CheapHealthyGood.

7. Make it a wine and chips party, featuring wines under $15. (Cheese may or may not be in your budget.)

8. Marine Corps Railroad-Style Barbecue Sauce, a simple, inexpensive recipe made for spicing up (salvaging?) just about any piece of cheap meat, from The Dollar