The Supermarket Strikes Back

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Tired of seeing shoppers migrate to Wal-Mart and Target for buying groceries, traditional supermarkets in southern California like Vons, Ralphs, and Stater Bros. are stepping up with discounts and promotions galore to attract customers.

From the LA Times:

Vons will announce today that it is lowering the prices of about 5,000 items — about 15% of the store — at its 274 stores in the region.

Ralphs is also launching what it calls a “significant” reduction in produce prices and other often-purchased goods. Both chains said the simultaneous launch was a coincidence. And both are starting to use yellow signs and price tags to highlight the changes in their stores.

“It is almost like the old gas wars,” said shopper Richard Rorex of Apple Valley. “People are lowering prices to get my business.”

The wars aren’t limited to SoCal. Supermarkets across the country including Whole Foods and Publix are also reacting to recession-style shopping habits and lowering prices accordingly to keep up with the competition. And hey, if you weren’t aware, supermarket store brands of ice cream, salsa, tomato sauce and more are way cheaper than national brands—and there’s proof that they taste just as good.