A book-related interlude

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I’ve had my final say in my CBS Moneywatch “blog war” with Eric Falkenstein over efficient markets. It really hasn’t been much of a war: We both agree that financial markets go nuts sometimes. He’s just a lot more distrustful of government than I am.

Oh, and some Krugman guy has written a review of my book for this Sunday’s New York Times Book Review. (He likes it.) It just went up online this afternoon. The NYT also has an excerpt from the first chapter.

Finally, for all you Bay areans out there: I’ll be speaking at the World Affairs Council of San Francisco Wednesday at 6. Spoken content does not want to be free, so unless you’re a World Affairs Council member it’ll cost you $15. I’m also speaking at Google’s SF office that day, but I think you need to get a job at Google to attend. Happily, they’re hiring.